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A reliable, energy-efficient heating system is important for a comfortable home in the coldest months of the year. When you are ready to upgrade your heating system, you can depend on the HVAC professionals at Subcool Heating & Air Inc. We offer a variety of equipment options from the best brands to meet every need for heating installation and replacement.

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Heating System Options

When you are ready to install a new heating system, the first decision that needs to be made is the best type of heater for your home. This decision may be influenced by a variety of factors, such as the fuel type and availability, energy efficiency, and whether your home has a duct system. Many options are available for heating your home.

Common heating systems for homes include:

  • Furnaces – Forced air furnaces provide quick and even heat. These systems offer flexibility for fuel type and can be powered by oil, natural gas, or electricity.
  • Heat pumps – A heat pump provides the convenience of heating and cooling in one system. They are best for milder climates and may not produce enough heat in extreme temperatures.
  • Boilers – A boiler heats water and distributes the heat via radiators. These systems are energy efficient and quiet but heat the house slower than other systems.
  • Radiant heat – Radiant heat in the floor provides reliable comfort and energy efficiency. This method is versatile, but the cost of the installation can be prohibitive.
  • Electric heaters – Electric baseboard heaters provide reliable heating in the winter but may result in high electric bills.

There are pros and cons to every type of heating system. We can explain the advantages and disadvantages and provide the information you need to compare systems and select the right new heater for your home.

Reliable Advice & Expert Installation

When to replace a heating system is a frequent question from our customers. Naturally, you want to get the most from your existing heater. However, you also want to replace it before you end up with a completely dead heating system on the coldest night of the year. Generally, if your system is past its expected life, not warming your home evenly, or requiring frequent and costly heating repair, it is more cost effective to replace it.

Our technicians are properly trained, experienced, and equipped to provide heating installation and replacement in Wilmington. We complete each installation to the highest industry standards, the manufacturer’s exact specifications, and all current rules and regulations.

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At Subcool Heating and Air Inc., we provide quality products, precision installation, and upfront pricing. We are happy to offer free estimates for heating installation and replacement. When the time comes for a new heater, we can walk you through the options and provide a free estimate for your new heating system.

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